What does Free on Board (FOB) stand for in the Shipping industry?

Free on board (FOB) is term that is used in the Shipping industry to indicate whether seller or the buyer would be responsible for the loading of the cargo at the port of shipment onto a vessel.

What is a Post-Panamax size vessel?

Post-Panamax vessels are vessels that have a larger dimension to Panamax vessels and are typicallyy 965 feet long, with a 106 foot beam and a 39.5 foot draft.

What do Panamax vessels carry?

Panamax vessels are bulk carriers with a 60,000 to 80,000 tons of deadweight capacity, and are used for maritime transportation of bulk commodities such as grains, coal and mineral ores, and do not exceed the 225 meters and 32.2 meters limit in the length and breadth.